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Global Mamas

Global Mamas beads are handcrafted in Ghana’s Eastern Region. Bead making is a craft passed down through the generations. Glass bottles and old windows are hand pounded into a fine powder. The powder may be mixed with dye and is then poured into clay moulds, which are fired in traditional kilns. The final step for many beads is to be hand painted with unique designs that have made Ghana’s glass beads famous worldwide.

You can also see this short video sharing how beadmakers transform discarded bottles and broken windowpanes into these beautifully weighted beads with a tactile finish.

Recycling Bottles
Bead making
Firing in Clay moulds
Hand painting

Some beads have a unique meaning, combined into special storytelling pieces


Each bead represents the interdependence of all facets of our world: earth, oceans, rainforests, atmosphere, wildlife, people, fair trade, and peace.


“Hand in hand we create a global community of SISTERS UNITED together to TRANSFORM and PROSPER creating a NEW DAY.”


This bracelet represents the power of Fair Trade, which at Global Mamas results in prosperity for African Women & families while ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the future.