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Fair trees

Fair Trees is the very first global concept for ethical and sustainable production of Christmas Trees from ‘Seed to Tree’. 

More than 90% of the Nordmann fir Christmas trees sold in Europe are sourced from seeds from a more than 100-year-old natural forest in the Ambrolauri region of Georgia. The task of picking cones to collect seeds is a highly skilled job. ‘Fair Trees’ works with these communities to ensure that they are fairly paid for their work. 

All ‘Fair Trees’ are produced with the greatest possible respect for the environment and under safe working conditions from the very lowest level of the supply chain to the end consumer.

From the value of each Fair Tree sold, a fixed amount of money is returned to the Fair Trees Fund. The Fair Trees Fund contributes to the education, health and development of the local cone picker community of Ambrolauri, Georgia.

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