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Ensamble Artesano

Ensamble Artesano is a proud Mexican philanthropic alliance driven by the desire to support master Mexican artisans who have been hit hardest by the effects of COVID-19. For the first time in history world-renowned Mexican designers have joined forces with 36 allied organizations tasked with supporting more than 2,500 artisans to develop and curate a unique, exclusive and unrepeatable collection. Each piece speaks its own language and carries with it a constant dialogue between the craftsman and the designer. This exchange of wisdom translates into representative pieces that seamlessly merge traditional artisanal techniques into contemporary design pieces.

Born from the alliance between Fundacion Haciendas del Mundo Maya and Taller Maya, Ensamble Artesano has been developed with the support of Mexico Territorio Creativo, Design Week Mexico, Caralarga, Estafeta, lgeneris, 85°, and the United Nations Development Program in Mexico (UNDP).

These visual stories illustrate how traditional crafts which use inspiration from heritage can be executed beautifully to produce high quality authentic contemporary design.

Natural fibre artisans in Mexico

Basketry artisans in Mexico

Metal artisans in Mexico

Textile artisans in Mexico

Stone Artisans in Mexico