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digital lions
fair-trade digital services

There are many education programs in Africa, but too few programs that give direct opportunities to work for actual clients. Digital Lions is a win-win project: Our young creatives get the opportunity to put their talent into action and can improve their quality of life, while our international customers get high-quality work at competitive prices.

After learning digital vocational skills in the areas of programming, graphic design, and media production in a structured educational program, called Learning Lions, talents proceed as trainees at Digital Lions.

Fundamentally, Digital Lions is a fair-trade IT-outsourcing agency that serves as an intermediary between international clients and the Lions. Without Digital Lions, a single Lion would find it very difficult – if not impossible – to get started on the international markets. He or she might already have the technical skills but lack access to clients and professional client handling. Digital Lions provides what is necessary to have a gentle, smooth start in the competitive international outsourcing landscape: a solid reputation and marketing, professional project management, and the sufficient size to handle also larger client requests.

All Lions thus pool their resources together to multiply their opportunities. The more experienced Lions take on roles as project managers and make sure that quality and client communication are taken care of. International volunteers with backgrounds in freelancing or sales, assist our Lions assuring quality and client communication at international standards. Shared accounts on outsourcing platforms that are owned and managed by Digital Lions ensure the gradual building-up of a verified reputation through many high ratings, an asset that other (single) competitors struggle to gain.

WFTO have worked with Digital Lions to create this Beyond Beautiful website.  

True to character the lions had the heart to take on an enormous task and created a beautiful website, reflecting the diversity, high quality and beauty of Fair Trade Enterprises and their products from around the world”.   

Jette Ladiges, Partnerships Manager, WFTO