World Fair Trade Organization – Beyond Beautiful


Womencraft baskets are hand-woven by over 600 talented Tanzanian, Rwandan and Burundian Women artisans who advance themselves through their artistry, raise stronger families, stimulate the local economy and inspire the world around them! The ‘Essential Home’ collection is inspired by the trend of going back to basics, simplifying our lives by reducing complexity and returning our focus to simple designs and functional shapes. The collection features sustainably harvested grasses combined with the dried bark of local banana trees and white threads of upcycled grain sacks. 

The ‘Crafted by Refugees Collection’ is created in collaboration with UNHCR and its flagship global refugee brand made51. The womencraft made51 collection focuses on working with refugee women, who recently returned to Burundi after having spent several years living in refugee camps in Tanzania. Through this ongoing partnership, former refugees are able to continue having a reliable income with their weaving upon their return, supporting them to rebuild their families’ livelihoods in their home communities.