Witral – Nourishing diversification and providing product assistance to wool weavers in Chile

In the Province of Cauquenes, located in the dry interior of the Region of Maule in Chile, it is calculated that there are over 2,000 people dedicated to the activity of handcrafted weaving, either in the process of spinning, dyeing and weaving sheep wool.

This craft has deep traditions in the area. It is possible to appreciate the significant asymmetry between the importance the workforce dedicates to the activity, and the lack of impression the business has on improving the income level of the population.

In this context Witral Chile was born with the purpose of improving the contribution of the artisan textile sector in the province of Cauquenes, through the generation, strengthening and support of public and private networks. A commercial platform was established through www.witral.cl and a support network through a management center in the city of Cauquenes.

The management centre in Cauquenes is aimed at providing a framework to better understand the conditions the artisans should operate in the near future and identify business opportunities that will generate more employment and improve their quality of life.

Our main activities in Witral are:

  • To support the generation of public resources that allow artisans to diversify their techniques and products. In 2019 we are supporting 9 groups of craftswomen for the initiative funded by the regional government of Maule, a contest called FNDR Culture 2019
  • To generate public and private alliances with rural groups, where the value chain of sheep wool fleece is born.  
  • Through an alliance with INDAP, together we provide technical assistance to 30 rural artisans.  In this program, in addition to training, we provide technical and production expertise. Through INDAP resources artisans can buy work tools and build AND / OR enable productive workshops in their homes.
  • To provide commercial management through www.witral.cl , under the principles of Fair Trade.

We believe that nowadays, the main motor of the artisan textile activity is the commercialization, since it allows the artisans not only to improve their income, but also to improve their quality of life, since the textile activity is possible to realize it inside the home, complementing it with the work of the home and the upbringing of the children.

That's what we are in!

Get to know us at www.witral.cl

By Zulma Britez