Fair Trade fights poverty! This year WFTO observes Global Anti-Poverty Week (16-22 October 2016) by promoting the 10 Principles of Fair Trade as means to eradicate poverty as desired by the first goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – NO POVERTY.

WFTO believes that the principles of Fair Trade are effective overarching tools to fight poverty.

Using the concept of ‘Agent for Change’ (Fair Trade as an agent for change), WFTO’s formula to eradicate poverty:  Fair Trade + Economic Opportunities = No Poverty

To raise awareness on this formula, we use the icons of Fair Trade Principle 1 and SDG goal 1 to represent visually our formula of change. See visual illustration below.

By creating economic opportunities for produces, especially the small and marginalised farmers and artisans, WFTO and its members believes poverty can be eradicated.

Our call: Fair Trade = No Poverty!

What you can do:

  • Be a Fair Trade Ambassador (Appoint yourself or, if you are shy, get someone you know who can be the Fair Trade Ambassador in your office, church group, community, or school. Someone who can bring Fair Trade to the attention of your group.
  • Tell your friends and family that Fair Trade eradicates poverty by helping small, marginalised producers, and by building a sustainable Fair Trade economy!
  • Spread Fair Trade through your own social media (#FairTradeBreaksPoverty) 
  • Participate in local Fair Trade events, World Fair Trade Day, Fair Trade Week, Fair Trade campaigns
  • Buy Fair Trade products
  • Tweet your Anti-Poverty Story (#FairTradeBreaksPoverty) and mention us in your tweets @WFTO_FairTrade, so we can re-tweet your stories.
  • Organise events to promote Fair Trade