The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) has over 370 member organisations and 40 individual associates from more than 70 countries spread across five continents. As a global network, WFTO is supported by five regional branches through their respective offices. The office in Culemborg, the Netherlands, coordinates the activities of WFTO worldwide.      

WFTO also works closely with several country networks that support Fair Trade.

WFTO Global Structure
WFTO follows the simple structure of an Association. Members gather during the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is the highest governing body that elects the President and all Directors. The President and the elected Directors, including five directors nominated by each of the WFTO regions, comprise the five-to-eleven-members Board of Directors of the WFTO. After the elections in the 2011 AGM, the WFTO Board is currently composed of nine people.   


The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of all WFTO activities. They serve for limited terms of office of four years (renewable), as specified in the WFTO Constitution. The Board appoints staff to implement the strategic plans as approved by the AGM. The WFTO staff is led by a Chief Executive.

Committees, working groups and WFTO representatives are appointed by the board of directors to assist staff and other operations of WFTO.

The Regional Branches

WFTO presence spans across the five major continents. WFTO operates through five regional branches located in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific (including North America and Oceania). 

Members of each respective region gather during their own (regional) Annual General Meeting (AGM). They elect their own regional Board of Directors (according to their respective Constitution), which coordinate closely with the global Board and also hire regional staff. Regional operations are closely coordinated with the global office and other regions.

Details of the regional offices: [Photos and names of the boards and members of the staff] 

The Constitution of World Fair Trade Organization
Download a PDF copy here: Statuten WFTO (in Dutch Language - original and legal version) and Constitution of WFTO (English).