DEAR - Trade Fair, Live Fair

Raising Awareness and Mobilizing the European Public to Advance Consumption patterns that Nurture the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Fair Trade and Ethical Fashion movements across Europe joined forces in an ambitious project supported by the European Commission’s Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme (DEAR). "Trade Fair, Live Fair" aims to foster more resilient livelihoods for the producers and workers behind many of the products that European citizens consume.

This project is designed to raise awareness and mobilize the European citizens towards sustainable consumption behaviour. At the heart of our project is the notion that only through citizens’ better understanding of how supply chains work, can they foster the necessary change to achieve the Sustainbable Development Goals.


Made 51

MADE51 - Market Access, Design and Empowerment for Refugee Artisans – is a global, collaborative initiative designed to connect refugee artisans with markets. By modernizing traditional skills, building business acumen, partnering with social enterprises, and linking with retail brands and buyers. UNHCR is partnering with WFTO and other stakeholders to connect refugee-made artisan products with international markets.

The Fair Trade for Refugee Artisans project seeks to support the development of UNHCR’s new global artisan initiative, MADE51, by ensuring that refugee artisans are working according to Fair Trade standards (fair wage payments, decent working conditions, environmental concern, etc.) and that their supporting local social enterprises are export-ready and have the capacity to connect refugee-made crafts with markets where they are in demand. The World Fair Trade Organization supports this through co-development of the Ethical Compliance Assessment, through technical assistance missions and through remote support.


Bread for the World

Since 2015, WFTO supported 153 members in the southern regions (69 in Asia, 45 in Africa and 39 in Latin America). Our Regional Offices are supporting our members to adhere their obligations and overcome challenges that come with being a Fair Trade Organisation. Our members are further supported through tools and opportunities made available through WFTO.


PRICE Project – Promoting Responsible Investment and Commerce in Europe

WFTO is one of the partners of an exciting project that will promote ethical investments among financial institutions in Europe. Promoting Responsible Investment and Commerce in Europe (PRICE): Fair Trade and Ethical Finance Responds to Global Crisis  is a European Union-supported project that aims to raise public awareness and promote education that aims to mobilise greater financial support on actions against poverty and for fairer relations between developed and developing countries in the field of responsible investment and commerce.

PRICE Project:

Researches on Fair Trade and Ethical Finance, in order to find more about each other`s strengths and weakness, and find possible ways how they both may complement each other.

Involves different actors from different fields through training sessions and seminars open to general public, students, experts on Fair Trade and Ethical Finance, policy makers, etc.

Mobilises Fair Trade, Ethical Finance, and every consumer either private or public, for a more sustainable consumption and responsible investments.

PRICE is a project funded by the European Union , and is formed on the basis of a partnership between ten European organisations.


Fundación Comercio para el Desarrollo (COPADE)  - Spain - Project Lead 
AGICES – the Italian Fair Trade General Assembly  - Italy
Equação, Cooperativa de Comércio Justo  - Portugal
Fair Trade Hellas  - Greece
Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica  - Italy
IDEAS Factory  - Bulgaria 
Koperattiva Kummerc Gust  - Malta
The Polish Fair Trade Coalition  - Poland
Protect the Future (Védegylet)  - Hungary
World Fair Trade Organization  - The Netherlands