International Women's Day 2018

#GenderEqualityNow  #PressForProgress

Fair Trade champions gender equality and women’s empowerment

At the heart of Fair Trade is the commitment to gender equality and non-discrimination. Fair Trade Principle 6 requires Fair Trade enterprises to ensure this along their supply chains, to have a policy in place to promote equality between men and women and to provide equal pay for equal work. To complement their commitment to the principle, members of WFTO provide capacity building for women in their organisations. 

Preliminary results of an ongoing study on gender equality in Fair Trade provides a glimpse of women’s leadership in Fair Trade Organisation. [1]

Fair Trade is leading the way to gender equality and women’s empowerment through encouraging women to take up decision-making and leadership positions in their organisations. WFTO members are showing a vision of a future where women’s leadership is a reality.

Why gender equality now?

Sustainable development requires gender equality. We know that empowering women is critical to addressing global challenges like poverty and hunger.[2] When women take their rightful place alongside men as equals – across society, the economy and the workplace – our world becomes a better place.

The challenge is urgent and there is no reason to delay action. We need the business world to embrace women’s leadership, and focus on empowering women workers and producers. Fair Trade enterprises across the world are showing this is possible. 

Let’s hear from the women themselves (or hover on the pictures of the women on top to read their stories)

How to get involved and support gender equality:

If you want to support the women empowered by Fair Trade enterprises, you can:

  • Be a fair consumer. Buy Fair Trade products. Look for the Guaranteed Fair Trade label. Discover thousands of different types of Fair Trade products out there. They range from food products and fashion to home décor. Many of these products are produced and traded by empowered women. #livefair #guaranteedfairtrade
  • If you are a business owner, source your products from Fair Trade suppliers. See the directory of WFTO Fair Trade suppliers here
  • Spread the word. Share the stories of the powerful women behind Fair Trade through Twitter or Facebook. Use our hashtags #GenderEqualityNow  #PressForPorgress
  • For a school campaigns, you may use our IWD 2018 visuals, get them here.


[1] WFTO Infographic. Figures are based on a study of 110 WFTO member Fair Trade Organisations, and are the preliminary results of an ongoing study.

[2] “Empowering women to end hunger and poverty”, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)