2013 Rio Conference

WFTO Conference Downloads

The 12th World Fair Trade Organization Biennial Conference in Rio de Janeiro from 26 to 28 May 2013 was a great success! If you missed it here's your chance to learn what transpired at the Fair Trade Conference of the year! We invite you to check out the conference report, photos, videos and the presentations. The WFTO holds biennial conference in odd years (2013, 2015, etc.) to discuss pressing issues on Fair Trade.

   1.     Conference Report by Carol Wills, WFTO Honorary Member (Informe en Español)
   2.     Conference Photos (Click here for additional photos from People Tree)
   3.     Global Fair Trade Fashion Show Images
   4.     Conference Videos
   5.     Programme of the 12th Biennial Conference held in Rio de Janeiro from 26th to 28th May 2013
   6.     Conference Presentations

        Round Table Discussions on the Characteristics and Potential Synergies of Fair Trade Guarantee Systems
       a.     FLO CERT, By Ruediger Meyer
       b.     IMO Fair for Life, By Teresa Blanco
       c.     ECOCERT ESR, By Laurent Lefebvre
       d.     WFTO, By Alessandro Galardi   
       e.     The Brazilian National Fair Trade System (SCJS), By Antonio Haroldo Mendonça

       Parallel Sessions, various topics
       a.     Applying Fair Trade Principles to a Manufacturing Supply Chain, Gero Leson
       b.     Fair Prices, Fair Wages: How can we improve this crucial Fair Trade Standard? (EFTA Study), By Marlike Kocken
       c.     Selling to Mainstream Markets, Johny Joseph and Invitees
       d.     Fair Trade Towns in the Global South: Opportunities and Challenges, By Johann Schneider and Bruce Crowther
       e.     Ideas to Shape the Next Generation of Fair Trade, By Alastair Smith
       f.      Governance Challenges in Fair Trade Organizations, By Robert Doherty
       g.     Environmental Solutions and Waste Water Treatment, By Christine Gent and Invitees
       h.     Business Tactics in Recessionary Times, Kevin Ward and Sherry Masih
       i.      Monitoring System for Fair Trade Retailers, By Eleonora Dal Zotto, AGICES
       j.      Trends and Colours, By Judith Condor Vidal
       k.     Approval & Sanctions, Complaints & Appeals Procedure, By Allison Barret
       l.      Fair Trade and Public Procurement, By Sergi Corbalan
       m.    WFTO Strategic Plan 2014-2017, By Rudi Dalvai
       n.     WFTO Governance, By Geoff White
       o.     Shaping the Future Generation of Fair Trade , By Alastair Smith

      Presentations from WFTO regions
      a.     Africa, By Mike Muchilwa
      b.     Asia, By Chitra Bahadur KC
      c.     Latin America, By Catalina Sosa
      d.     Pacific, By Doug Dirks