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The WFTO Fair Trade Standard is the heart of the Guarantee System, focusing on the management and operation of Fair Trade Organisations in relation to their Fair Trade practices. 
The WFTO Standard comprises a set of compliance criteria based on the 10 Fair Trade Principles and International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions. Many of these criteria are mandatory requirements to join WFTO. There are also other non-mandatory requirements, where WFTO members must show continuous improvement over time.

A member is expected to apply the WFTO Standard and implement the requirements in a diligent and transparent manner, and constantly refine their Fair Trade practices. The aim of continuous improvement is to encourage the highest level of achievement for WFTO member organisations over time, with measurable advances in the way their organisation operates.

Compliance with this Standard will be assessed by various means, including the Self Assessment Report, the Peer Visit and the Monitoring Audit. These are described in the WFTO Guarantee System Handbook.

The Standard is subject to periodic review and changes by WFTO’s Standard and Guarantee System Committee.  

Read the WFTO Fair Trade Standard from the Guarantee System Handbook.

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“Fair Trade and solidarity without justice ends up turning into charity. And charity does not produce transformation; it does not change the status quo.On the other hand justice without solidarity and Fair Trade without brotherhood become an abstract sense of justice; an empty justice because it is not allied with a social dimension.” I recently found these lines in the first leaflet printed by Ctm Altromercato about 30 years ago. I thought I'd share these phrases with you hoping it will inspire your work throughout the year.