Since May 2013, when the WFTO Membership approved the Guarantee System in Rio de Janeiro, members are steadily transitioning through the Guarantee System process. Members that successfully finished the first cycle can start using the new WFTO Product Label on their products and attain the status ‘Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation.’ Below is the list of Guaranteed Members since May 2013.

To learn more about our new system and label, kindly visit our Standard and Guarantee System section.  




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“Fair Trade and solidarity without justice ends up turning into charity. And charity does not produce transformation; it does not change the status quo.On the other hand justice without solidarity and Fair Trade without brotherhood become an abstract sense of justice; an empty justice because it is not allied with a social dimension.” I recently found these lines in the first leaflet printed by Ctm Altromercato about 30 years ago. I thought I'd share these phrases with you hoping it will inspire your work throughout the year.